Choose your own sound – a vocal close up

Some singers are «the less I know - the better I sing» people - and I love them for it. One of my favorite singers in Les Miserables was like this. He just sang, and sang - so breathtaking and wonderfully night after night with great success and to standing ovation. Though, every time somebody asked me about a vocal chord issue or like best vowels for belting, he just ran from sight, like it already was the third battle in second act.

Just breathe! – or the shaking of my nerves…

The other day, I hung out with some former students of mine, watching them perform as the proudest mother hen. As we said good bye, one asked me - will there ever be another vocalgeek post? I blushed and and asked them back, guilty as charged - if so - what would you like it to be about? Another answered - about why we get so extremely nervous when we get up to perform?

Tête-à-tête: Jasper Grant

Sometimes in life, you face people you just wish everyone could meet and greet. People, who have a personality, wisdom or knowledge you want to spread around like sprinkels on ice cream or sugar on toast. And you have to pinch yourself, because you have been lucky enough to meet them. This is why I have created Tête-à-tête. And first out: Jasper Grant!

New York truth telling

I feel so inspired by my stay, so my vocalgeek piece this week is about the truths of New York City. These are all advices given to me during my eight weeks of being a New York habitant. Some I feel deeply - others I wonder more about. But I would like to give them all to you. And of course, thank you to all who have enlighten me during my stay, these are all your advices.

The big belt melting pot

One of my big obsessions these days is belting. I breathe, live and dream of being a big belter - to stand on stage and have this big show stopping moment - where my sound fills the whole theatre, and not only gives the audience shivers that run up and down their spines, but blows their ears out, and makes them feel like listening to a auditive version of Circe de Soleil.

Stage fright/fight/flight/freeze

Yesterday I had a sneak peek at a real New York audition. 45 young girls were queuing in line, dressed exactly the same (small summer dresses and high heels), waiting for their shot to be a part of "Aida cruise lines musical theatre summer show".

Ground yourself

Ever since I came to New York, grounding seems to be an never ending story. First the fact, that we, as a family, are putting down new roots over here. Then the fun fact that nobody knows how to say my name, so I was call Grounded Guru in acting class, the whole of last week.

1. staring my devil into his eyes

[bih-gin-er] noun 1. a person or thing that begins 2. a person who has begun a course of instruction or is learning the fundamentals: swimming for beginners 3. a person who is inexperienced; novice. 4. me

My musical me – or yours?

I was recently asked from a workshop student of mine, how did I come to find my musical identity? How did I end up with my certain style of music, or more specific, how could she work to find her own musical path and place in music?